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Experienced Virginia Injury Lawyer

Proudly Serving the Entire Commonwealth of Virginia

With over 38 years of practicing trial law and recovering millions of dollars in compensation for highway crash victims and wrongful death survivors, Michael Strong is an experienced Virginia injury lawyer you can trust. The Strong Law Firm handles personal injury cases in Virginia. Our firm can take on a wide variety of cases and we’re not afraid to take on the big insurance companies to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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“At The Strong Law Firm, we have been serving clients all across Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland for over 38 years. We are able to handle a wide variety of personal injury cases, including those involving auto accidents, catastrophic injuries, and more.

Michael R. Strong – Virginia Injury Lawyer



The word “Strong” ironically is exactly what you would actually want in a Lawyer right? I’ve found that the Strong Law Firm truly lives up to the name. I have an ongoing comp claim and they’ve been by my side the entire time. I’ve never been made to feel anything other than important, protected, and valued as a client.
Diem, (his assistant) is also just as amazing, she’s just as much on your side as Mr. Strong is, its like having a dynamic duo on your team. She’s not just doing the paperwork, she’s just as passionate about your cause, your case, and your success as a client. She’s always been quick to respond to any questions I’ve had, and I’ve always been treated with nothing but kindness and patience by someone that actually really cares.

What I appreciate most about this firm is their commitment to me “the client!” Their are a gazillion law firms out there, but this one…….This one is special and a very rare and good find.

David M.

After a recent car accident, I was strongly recommended to The Strong Law Firm by my aunt who was a client of theirs in the past. I thought of seeking an attorney at the time of the accident but did not know who to go to or how the process even worked. My aunt spoke so highly of Michael and his staff and that the turnout of her settlement was beyond her expectations that I decided to call them up. It has been about a month and a half of working with the firm and I can already say it was the BEST decision I made resulting from my accident. Accidents come with a headache of phone calls to make, documents to send, etc and Diem, paralegal at The Strong Law Firm, completely lifted this weight off my shoulders. They will completely represent you, make phone calls for you, set up physical therapy for your injuries, and are even able to have clients treated on a lien so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. This was huge for me since I was limited to the doctors I was able to see with my insurance. There are no up front costs, the process is handled for you, and you end up with a great turnout…it doesn’t get easier than that. If you were also injured from an accident, call the Strong Law Firm! Even if you have uncertainties or are unfamiliar with hiring an attorney, I assure you they will patiently and thoroughly walk you through how it works, what will happen, what to do, etc and you will feel so so happy you did it. They do all the work for their clients, keep in touch, and are just such a fantastic team!

Melissa C.

I was a client of the Strong Law Firm back in 2015. I had a terrible AA that caused some serious injuries and totaled my car. The collision really left me not only in a bind to find a new car, but the medical expenses were out of this world. I was referred to the Law Firm by a coworker. I contacted the office immediately proceeding my discharge, and they’re concern for my well being was the top priority of the conversation before we even proceeded with the logistics. Diem, is the Paralegal and she was very kind and forth coming. She made sure I got EVERYTHING that I needed in a timely manner. Her on going communication was superb and never really called her, she contacted me either by email or a phone call nearly every week to check on me. I was very pleased in the end with my settlement and more importantly I was bot stuck with medical expenses! Unfortunately, I was involved in another AA back in September, but I am at ease because I have hired this TEAM yet again to represent me in this matter. Mr Strong is a lucky candidate to have Diem as his assistant, and I thank her for what she has done in the past for me and what she is doing now in as I heal physically and financially from my most recent encounter. Thanks Diem!!!!!! and Thank you Mr. Strong

LaTasha B.

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