4 Truck Accident Tips

Have you been injured in a truck wreck? Check out these 4 truck accident tips for guidance, then call our Virginia lawyers to get started on your case today.

1. Truck Accident Settlement

4 Truck Accident TipsNot long ago, I was approached by a client in a commercial trucking accident case in Virginia where an initial offer had been made for settlement of the case some two weeks after the crash occurred. In that case, I told my client, “It’s a really big mistake to accept an offer this early in your case.” The primary reason for that can often be that injuries have not been fully resolved or even diagnosed as of that short time after a crash. The second concern is not knowing at that stage who was actually at fault and what the evidence will show. The third important thing to remember is that the recovery process of getting better from the injuries that you had in that kind of crash involving a commercial truck have not had time to completely resolve. For all of those reasons, accepting an early settlement is usually a mistake in a Virginia commercial trucking accident case. Instead, it’s better to wait and see how your injuries have resolved before accepting any offers in that type of case.

2. Truck Accident Statute of Limitations

Occasionally, I receive a call from a client who would like to retain our firm to help them with a commercial trucking crash in Virginia. Those all too often happen a year or two after the crash occurs. In Virginia, the time in which you must file a lawsuit to preserve your claim for a commercial trucking accident is two years. As a result, people often come out of the woodwork and try to get an attorney very late in the game when they know that two-year deadline is approaching. In my estimation, that’s often a very dangerous tactic to wait that long to see an attorney for your commercial trucking accident in Virginia. So much about your case depends on a careful evaluation of the scene of the crash and preserving the evidence of what happened and the physical evidence at the crash site immediately after the crash. Oftentimes, tire marks evaporate from weather conditions changing on the road or simply the traffic volume on a highway. There can be devastating consequences to the merits of your case by not retaining an attorney early on. By all means, if you have the ability to do so, retain a lawyer immediately after your Virginia commercial trucking accident case.

3. Truck Accident Case Value

I’m often asked by clients who come to see me about commercial trucking accident cases how the case value is affected when a truck is involved. It’s certainly true in Virginia that, like every other state subject to the Interstate Commerce Commission insurance rules, insurance limits are far higher for commercial trucks than most other vehicles. That does not mean automatically that the value of the case is immediately higher. Instead, we have to look at what the injuries where. Oftentimes, in Virginia commercial truck accident cases, the injuries are far more severe because the truck is so much heavier and has much more force in a collision that can cause injuries far more severe than an ordinary car collision. You have to wait for all of the injuries to be resolved and diagnosed before you can arrive at a fair value for that type of case.

4. Truck Accident Settlement Timeline

Recently, I was asked by a client, “When is my Virginia commercial trucking accident case going to be resolved?” I often tell my clients who have that type of question that it depends on how quickly you’re able to recover from your injuries in that type of case. Don’t be worried that months have gone on before you’ve been able to resolve the case. Instead, focus on what is it going to take to feel better by following the doctor’s instructions during your recovery process. Once that process is completed, we can wrap your case up in a relatively short period of time. To rush the recovery process means that you will also probably have a less successful recovery from your injuries. By giving time to complete the recovery process in the medical care, you will actually help resolve the case more quickly.

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