Why Would Anyone Start a Career in the Practice of Law These Days, Anyway?

Why I Practice Law

The practice of law is a very difficult profession. Laws are constantly changing and the caseload can sometimes be very hectic. Still, there is nothing like being able to help someone, in a real and significant way, from a new business start up to a devastatingly injured person. These folks have limited exposure to the many technical requirements of our nation’s laws. Often, this lack of knowledge can mean the difference between a success or outright failure in life.

For 32 years I have had the honor of representing and advocating for hundreds of clients. To me, the practice of law is just as engaging today as it was when I got started.

I am very passionate and committed to groups and organizations that try to decrease the number of accidents that occur on our roadways and bicycle trails. This calls to me is a just battle between life and death.