Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Were you or a loved one injured while riding a motorcycle? Watch this video by a Virginia injury lawyer to learn about the average motorcycle accident settlement.

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How do I determine the value of my motorcycle accident case?


I’m often asked how a lawyer goes about making an evaluation of an injury claim from a motorcycle accident in Virginia. My simple answer is it’s no different than any other accident in Virginia. Whether it be a car crash or a truck crash, the question is resolved by looking at the severity of the injuries to the person making the claim.Average Motorcycle Accident SettlementIf you’ve had, as often happens in motorcycle accidents, a more severe injury such as a broken leg, broken arm, broken shoulders, or clavicles, or other kinds of more traumatic injuries, those are generally accorded a greater value under Virginia law. Most juries will give you more money for those compared to a muscle strain injury that you might see often in a low-speed car accident.

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