Bicycle Accident Caused by a Pothole

Bicycle Accident Caused by a PotholeIf you were seriously injured in a bicycle accident caused by a pothole, are you eligible for compensation? Contact The Strong Law Firm today to arrange a free consultation. Our experienced Virginia personal injury attorneys will review the facts of your case, determine whether it is worth moving forward with, and aggressively defend your rights all the way to trial. Let our experience and dedication work for you.

Bicycle Accident Caused by a Pothole | Compensation

Occasionally, a potential client will ask if they have a claim if they were injured on a bicycle because of a pothole in the road. Unfortunately, in those type of cases, the typical answer is you really don’t have that type of claim because of the obviousness of the condition of the road. If you see a pothole coming and you’re driving at a bicycle speed on a roadway, it’s normally possible to see those coming. That’s why the commonwealth is not going to pay you for that type of a claim.

Bicycle Accident Caused by a Pothole | Partial Fault

Occasionally, I’m asked, “If I’m partially at fault as a bicycle operator in a collision, do I still have a valid cause of action for injuries from that collision?” The simple answer in Virginia is, no. The reason is because Virginia is one of only four states in the United States that has the doctrine of contributory negligence as a complete bar to any recovery from your injury claim. In those cases where you’re partly at fault, there is no basis for recovering under Virginia law.

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