Bicycle Accident Insurance Investigation

If you’re injured while riding your bike, you may have to participate in a bicycle accident insurance investigation. Watch this video to learn what you need to know.

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Should I talk to the insurance company after a bicycle accident?


When I’m asked if it’s okay for a bicycle injury victim to talk to an insurance adjuster after a bicycle accident in Virginia, my normal answer is no, it’s not a good idea. That’s because the insurance company has very little need to find out from you what happened in the accident.Bicycle Accident Insurance InvestigationThey have their own insured to be able to get information from, and they have access to the police reports to be able to get that same information from an impartial party. The need to speak with you directly is relatively minor, but they do it anyway because they want to try to take advantage and get in early to find any compromising information they can about your case. It’s always a good idea to have a lawyer on your side before talking to the insurance company after your bicycle accident claim.

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