Bike Helmets: How Safe Are They?

If you enjoy riding your bicycle in Northern Virginia, DC or Maryland, you need to spend some time thinking about whether you have adequate safety gear to protect you from a potential accident. Traffic Laws in all three locales dont adequately protect cyclists from motor vehicle collisions. Using a helmet is always a good idea. But which ones are best?

Different types of padding and cycling suits are available for you to wear while on your bicycle to prevent impact. Yet, there is no substitution for the number one life-saving piece of safety equipment: the helmet. I heard it said once that you may not have to carry car insurance on a bicycle but a helmet could be seen as insurance on your life. A very fitting analogy because no matter how the impact of a bicycle plays out, protecting your head from brain injury is absolutely crucial to your survival and well being after the accident. This article takes a serious look at some of the best quality helmets available today.

First, be aware that bike helmets are not the same as motorcyle helmets. The hard shell motorcyle helmet can withstand far greater forces than a soft shell bike helmet. Second, the coverage of a motorcyle helmet is greater over the entire skull area, compared to a shorter rear neck guard capacity of the bike helmet. So, if a high speed impact is your concern, shop for a motorcycle helmet, vs. a bike helmet. This makes sense if you are regularly commuting in heavy car traffic moving a higher speeds. For lower speeds, often encountered while biking on trails or back roads, a bike helmet may provide adequate protection from the most severe brain injury.

For biking, one of our favorite helmets is called the Torch T1 because so many people in Northern Virginia as well as Washington DC depend on bikes as part of their daily commute. Accordingly, with any job occasionally you may be required to work late at the office. With this state-of-the-art technology, the Torch T1 has a built-in headlight or should I say torch to help light your way home. The helmet also helps with visibility so that motorists can see you. The helmet is expected to be available this Spring. With 360° nighttime visibility and a rechargeable battery this helmet packs a lot of safety for $120 dollars. This is less than the cost of one doctor’s visit.

Another helmet, the Giro Air Attack performed very well during safety testing and yet it offers exceptional consideration for cooling. The aerodynamic helmet has built-in vents to allow air to seep through while protecting your entire skull. If you’re looking for a cool helmet on a hot day the Giro Air Attack may be a good choice. At a price point of just under $200 dollars this helmet offers a lot of protection.

If you are willing to spend a little more you should take a look at any of the Scott brand helmets featuring the new MIPS brain protection system. This lineup of helmets is considered to be the safest helmets available because of the innovation and technology used in their design to protect the brain. There helmets also offer visibility protection, air vents, and visibility features. This helmet seems to bring together all the key components to make an excellent helmet.

Remember, no helmet or other safety device can guarantee your safety. Your ability to stay alert and pay attention to motorist around you will determine your ultimate safety. Having a well-made and well-tested helmet can only help your chances of survival in the event of an accident. Over the years we have helped many people who have suffered serious injuries as a result of a bicycle crash. Do not ruin your life; focus on safety and awareness; it could save your life.