What to Bring When You Meet with Your Falls Church Bankruptcy Lawyer

Although you can file for bankruptcy on your own, many people find that the process is confusing and frustrating enough that supportive legal counsel is necessary. Even if ultimately you choose to pursue bankruptcy in Virginia on your own, you still can gain valuable guidance and insight in a free consultation with a Falls Church bankruptcy lawyer who can explain your rights and options.

If you do decide to come in and meet with us, you can make the most of our meeting by preparing ahead of time. Take a moment to gather together the following documents:

  • Any letters to or from your creditors
  • Any foreclosure notices or related information
  • Titles, deeds, and mortgage information for property you own
  • Your recent tax returns
  • You recent pay stubs
  • Your bank account statements
  • Proof of any payments you’ve made
  • Any additional information you’d like us to look at or think we should see

When it comes to filing bankruptcy, it’s very important to keep as much documentation as possible. Keeping good records and having access to original documents can make the entire process much easier and more successful.

If you have not yet scheduled a FREE consultation with a Falls Church bankruptcy lawyer, or if you have questions about your upcoming initial meeting, please give us a call at 8773448189 today. The Northern Virginia bankruptcy lawyers with the Strong Law Firm are happy to talk with you about your concerns. We look forward to speaking with you.