Bus Accident Settlement Timeline

Injured on a bus and have questions about the bus accident settlement timeline? Watch this video to find out how long it will take to recover compensation.

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How long will my bus accident case take?


People often ask me, “How long will it take to resolve my injury claim against a bus company in Virginia?” Accidents involving buses are usually a more severe in terms of the injuries that are caused to passengers on the bus. In those cases, you frequently see that the case will take a year to two years to resolve simply because the severity of the injuries require a longer time in the medical recovery process and a longer time in legal analysis of what occurred in the crash.Bus Accident Settlement TimelineThen finally, there is the issue of how we fairly allocate the insurance money applicable to the bus across a number of different people who also were injured in the same collision. For those reasons, bus accident claims tend to take longer. It also means they’re more complex and you have a greater need for help in resolving that type of claim.

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