What Can I Do If My Car Accident Was Caused by a Teenage Driver?

Teenagers make up roughly 14% of America’s population. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 30% of car accident costs can be attributed to the collision they cause. This information suggests that teenage drivers are twice as likely, at least, to cause a car accident than any other age group on the road. But why are they so dangerous?

Inexperience & Recklessness

With practice comes perfection. Teenage drivers are not accustomed to the rules of the road and do not have much real-world experience behind the wheel, making it far less likely that they will be able to react quickly in an emergency and prevent a collision. In addition to not being able to control their vehicles with precision, teenagers are generally more reckless than others, almost as if by nature. Studies show they are more likely totext behind the wheel, drive drunk, and refuse to wear a seatbelt.

I Was Hit By a Teen Driver – What Do I Do Now?

Being in an accident with a teenage driver can be a frustrating experience. They are unlikely to know what to do after a collision, such as produce insurance information for you, so you will have to try to handle all of that on your own. You will also not be able to file a lawsuit directly against a minor but rather you will need to target their insurance company, or their parents. This added extra step can delay your recovery if you are unprepared.

The only “good news” is that if you were hit by a teen driver, you can almost bet they were doing somethingreckless at the time. Talk to your lawyer about using phone records to see if they were texting, or police reports to see if they had been drinking prior to the crash. If you need legal assistance or representation in Virginia, do not hesitate to contact The Strong Law Firm at your earliest convenience. Our Falls Church car accident attorney, Mr. Strong, has been nationally recognized for his legal abilities and has recovered millions for his clients in the past.

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