Can PTSD Be Caused by a Brain Injury?

Our Personal Injury Attorney discusses: Can PTSD Be Caused by a Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause a number of different and often unpredictable symptoms, conditions, and consequences. Some people may experience insomnia and chronic headaches, and others could start to sleep for unusually long periods of time and feel an overall insensitivity to pain. One of the mysteries researchers are starting to explore is whether or not a brain injury could actually be the primary source of someone’s post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is currently considered incurable. If we were able to trace its source back to a brain injury, it might be possible to find a way to alleviate or permanently eliminate the symptoms. In particular, PTSD is marked by flashbacks, nightmares, and sudden crippling anxiety onset by specific triggers. For example, someone who lost a loved one in a car accident while driving a red sedan may have a breakdown just at the sight of a similar red car. If a brain injury has created that trigger, treating the brain injury could possible eliminate it.

Other symptoms of PTSD include irritability, violent destructive behavior that can include self-harm, and loneliness. All of these symptoms have been tied to brain injuries before, without the inclusion of PTSD in the victim. This would suggest that PTSD symptoms, at least some of them, are influenced by damage to the brain. According to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs and its National Center for PTSD, brain can worsen PTSD conditions, if not cause it directly.

The research is still very young, however, and more studies are necessary to get to any conclusion. PTSD is certainly a behavioral disorder but it is not known if it is truly a cognitive problem or something else entirely. In the meantime, people who suffer from PTSD can seek treatments and therapy options from medical professionals, including psychological examinations and certain antidepressant medications.

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