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What are the steps in a car accident claim


Let’s get dangerous aggressive drivers off our streets before people get hurt, in the interests of safety for the benefit of our entire community. But when people are hurt by aggressive drivers, I’m often asked by my clients what all the steps are that you have to take to get from the beginning to the end of a Virginia car crash personal injury case. These types of cases are usually a long, drawn out process. It’s relatively rare that somebody can resolve their case within three or six months of a car crash. The reason is because there’s an ongoing period of medical care to help in the recovery process, and normally you have to wait until the end of that to make your claim in order to be sure that you have accounted for and presented all of the injury-related expenses in the case in order to ensure you recover the full cost of your recovery care.

Car Accident ClaimsIn any given case, it will take a very careful evaluation and presentation of all of the details of the injuries, the cost to recover from those injuries, the ancillary losses such as wage losses and orthotic aids, therapies that you went through, prescription medications that you’ve had to purchase for pain relief and other kinds of recovery efforts, and detailed future care plans with cost estimates. These case preparation efforts are very difficult to generalize to every case.  Most important is the need to get started early, especially if you don’t have health insurance. Ask us about the health care cost deferral programs that some doctors will offer to get the care you need on a deferred billing basis to be paid at the end of your case from your recovery. Then, document all of your medical care and other losses, and work closely with your attorney to present the best case for the best value in your recovery.

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