Child Brain Injuries: Causes & Prevention

What are Child brain injuries? Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can cause physical damage to the inside soft tissues of the brain that cannot be easily healed through natural regenerative cycles or advanced medicine. Sometimes these injuries cannot even be seen by most Emergency Room x rays. The consequence is often a health issue that permanently impacts the wellbeing of the victim.

If a child suffers a TBI, the consequences may be even more tragic. A child may suffer developmental problems that stay with them for the rest of their lives. Learning new skills, making and maintaining friendships, and achieving full motor control can become impossible. At such a young age, corrective surgery may be out of the question, making a full recovery even less likely.

Child brain injuries may be caused by:

  • Sports activities
  • Nonfatal drowning incidents
  • Lack of supervision on playgrounds
  • Serious illnesses or high fevers
  • Car accidents

In order to prevent child TBIs from ever occurring, it is important to remember that most accidents are entirely preventable. With precaution, care, and supervision, protecting young children from catastrophic injury should be possible and made to be everyone’s responsibility.

Remember these safety tips and hints to help stop child TBIs:

  • Give your child a helmet for sports activities and bike riding when required.
  • Buckle up your child correctly when traveling by car; if they are too young to use a passenger seat, ensure they are in a child safety seat.
  • Do not allow children to be near or enter a pool or the ocean without constant adult supervision.
  • When your child has a high fever, contact your trusted pediatrician immediately; any fever over 104 degrees can cause mild to severe brain damage if it persists long enough.
  • Talk to daycare workers and teachers about what sort of care and supervision is provided to your children when they are not with you or your family members.

If your child does suffer a head or brain injury, treatment options may be available to correct any damage. Talk to The Strong Law Firm and our Falls Church personal injury lawyer about your legal options for seeking compensation. If we can determine that another party was liable for your child’s injury, you could collect total coverage for their current care and future necessities. Contact us today for additional information about our legal services.