Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Watch this video by an experienced Virginia injury lawyer to find out what’s important to know when choosing a bicycle accident attorney to represent you.

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How do I choose the best attorney for my bicycle accident claim?


How do you go about selecting the best attorney to represent you in your bicycle injury claim? That question depends on what kind of experience the attorney has in handling bicycle claims. My office has handled a number of very serious accident claims for bicycle operators over the years, and we’ve had some excellent results in helping our clients get fair compensation for those injuries.Choosing a Bicycle Accident AttorneyThe experience of the attorney is key to being able to get proper recovery, whether it be from another bicycle operator swinging by at a high speed too close to an oncoming bicyclist and knocking them over as they pass by, or being struck by a passing car or truck on the highway while they’re operating their vehicle in proper lane of travel in the right direction. Those types of claims take a lot of investigative expertise and careful attention to detail. If you hire the right attorney who has that experience, you can count on having a successful recovery too.

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