Choosing a Bus Accident Attorney

Choosing a bus accident attorney is an important first step in protecting your rights. Watch this video to find out what you need to know. 

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How do I choose the best attorney for my bus accident case?


We at the Strong Law Firm recently resolved a case on behalf of a client who wanted to pursue a claim for personal injuries against the metro bus system. We were selected by our client because of our prior experience in handling claims against the metro system. That system is one of the most difficult organizations to pursue for personal injury claims in the entire state of Virginia. The reason for that is simply that they’re subject to a special pact under Virginia law that allows a limitation of the claims and the evidence that can be used against them.Choosing a Bus Accident AttorneyIn our case, the passenger struck his head on the back of the bus wall because the bus was actually rear-ended by another metro bus because the driver of the following bus fell asleep at the wheel. Believe it or not, under the law in Virginia, we were not allowed to introduce testimony about the training practices and vetting practices used by the metro system to determine the fitness of its drivers to get behind the wheel of a bus. In those cases, it’s extremely important if you have a claim against a metro bus that you contact a thoroughly experienced legal team to represent you in going after the bus company. I’m glad to report that we had a very successful recovery against the metro system for our client.

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