Commercial Vehicle Accident

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What should I do after a commercial vehicle accident?


When people come to see me about being involved in a commercial truck accident in Virginia, the most important thing that I tell them is to choose an attorney who has specific experience in commercial truck accident investigation and to choose an attorney as soon after the crash as possible. All commercial trucks are now required by federal law to carry special black boxes that record a variety of data. Everything from the operator’s history of accelerations and decelerations to unusual cornering and a whole variety of information that could make all the difference in proving whether that truck driver was operating unsafely at the time of your crash. The only way to retrieve that data is to act quickly.Commercial Vehicle AccidentIt’s often overwritten if it’s not preserved in a timely manner. Many commercial trucking companies will do everything possible to try to hide that information. The longer that time goes by after the crash, the more likely it is that information will be destroyed. It’s crucial to developing the evidence you need to win a case against a commercial trucking operator after your crash.

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