Construction Accident Claim Value

Were you or a loved one injured on a construction site? Watch this video to learn how construction accident claim value is determined, and how much you can recover.

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How can I determine the value of my construction accident claim?


I’m often asked by clients who come to see me for an injury claim involving a construction accident in Virginia, “What kinds of benefits can I get and what’s the value of my case?” My answer usually is it depends on how seriously injured you were. If you have an injury that you can recover from after six months or a year of medical treatment, you’re entitled to your medical care plus a period of compensation equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage during the time your doctor says you’re disabled. Bear in mind of course, that you have to have a written statement from the doctor of that disability period.Construction Accident Claim ValueIn those cases, those have a relatively minor value. The set dollar amount of the wage loss and the medical bills is easy to determine. The harder cases are when you’ve been permanently disabled, maybe from a loss of use of a hand, or a finger, or an arm, or a leg. In those cases, it’s far more difficult to set a value of those cases, but they do have far greater value. It’s very important to find a competent accident lawyer who knows Virginia Workers’ Compensation law and can maximize the benefits you can get for your case. I always encourage people to seek out an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for their Virginia construction accident case for that reason.

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