Construction Accident Injury

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What should I do if I’m injured in a construction accident?


Construction accidents in Virginia are some of the most difficult cases that any person can suffer through in Virginia. The first thing you have to do after you’ve been involved in a construction accident is retain an attorney with experience in this type of an injury claim. The case will depend largely on a quick and thorough investigation into what happened and who was responsible.Construction Accident InjuryThe only way to do that is to retain an attorney quickly. Even if OSHA is investigating your case or even if the state police become involved because of a serious injury on the job, it is very important that you retain counsel quickly because there may be other parties besides your employer who are partly or fully to blame for the accident, and may be a source of far greater recovery for you than your employer who is of course entitled to the benefits of the very strict Virginia Workers’ Compensation Statutes.

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