Construction Accident Liability

Were you injured on a construction site? Watch this video to learn about construction accident liability and how you can recover compensation for your injuries.

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Can I sue my employer for my injury?


One of the first things that people who’ve been involved in a construction accident in Virginia often ask me is whether they can file a lawsuit against the employer to recover for general damages from the accident. If you were a wage-earning employee or a wage earner of a subcontractor on a job, it is often the case that you cannot file a general tort claim and seek general damages from your employer or even a general contractor on the job.Construction Accident LiabilityIt is an extremely complicated area of law which requires a careful legal analysis and a careful field investigation into the facts of who was responsible for this Virginia construction accident. In those cases, you must contact an attorney to guide you through the process of finding who you can pursue for a general damages case. Remember again that Virginia Workers’ Compensation cases have a very limited amount that they will pay for in the way of 500 weeks of compensation at two-thirds of your average weekly wage and lifetime medical benefits only for the injury-related care that you may have to have. In all of those cases, it’s very important to have legal counsel to help you in your case.

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