Drunk Driver Car Accident – Its No Accident!

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What should I do if I was involved in an accident with a drunk driver?


People often ask me, “What are my rights when I’ve been hit by a drunk driver in Virginia?” Virginia has very strict drunk driving laws. They’re not the strictest in the nation, but they’re evolving to become more protective of people who’ve been injured in these types of crashes. Notice I don’t call them accidents. Drunk driving is no accident.Drunk Driver Car AccidentIt’s a choice that’s been made by a driver who’s been irresponsible enough to drink far beyond his or her ability to control their actions properly and get out on the highway in a way that’s very likely to cause serious injuries to other parties. Those injuries can be aggravated or made worse by the fact that when a drunk driver is operating a car on the highways in Virginia, they’re going faster, they’re not abiding by the lane markings, they don’t follow the traffic signals, and they’re much more likely to cause far more serious injuries than ordinary mistakes that could be made on the highway by other drivers.

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