Elderly Abuse in Nursing Homes

Elderly abuse is a specific type of Nursing Home neglect in nursing homes. This type of abuse is quite common despite popular belief. It is sad that many elderly loved ones have to be placed in nursing homes where reports of serious, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse are numerous. According to a recent Congressional report, 30% of nursing homes in the United States were cited for almost 9,000 instances of abuse over a two-year period. Elderly abuse in nursing homes can result from chronic malnourished patients, lack of daily sanitary care, abandoning patients for extended period when bed ridden, and physical or emotional abuse by verbal assault or physical attack. It can also be the result of administering procedures for which no consent was legally given. This often occurs when a patient with dementia is force fed, or given procedures that they are not competent to consent to. These types of abuse need to stop.

When elderly abuse happens to someone you love, you need to hire an experienced nursing home negligence/abuse attorney immediately. At the Strong Law Firm we have decades of experience helping people receive monetary compensation because of negligence or abuse. Nursing homes are supposed to be a friendly welcoming environment for the elderly who could no longer live independently.

According to Rep. Henry Waxman, a Democrat from California, the information revealed by the Congressional Committee is shocking. To date, no legislation has been brought before the House of Representatives in an effort to end this type of elderly abuse in nursing homes. Shockingly, representatives from various nursing homes disputed the findings of the Congressional committee saying that reports can be misleading because many instances are minor. It is saddening that the nursing home management community views minor elderly abuse as acceptable and not worth serious consideration in the United States Congress.

In the United States more than 1.6 million people reside in 17,000 nursing homes. Currently, over 11,000 nursing homes are for-profit businesses. This means that nursing homes often sacrifice quality employees for the sake of profitability. Before you place a loved one in a nursing home facility you should investigate the quality of care being provided to the current residents. Consider visiting a nursing home at a random time to see how the staff provides for the patient’s needs. Also, after placing a loved one in a nursing home check on them frequently to see if there is any evidence of elderly abuse.

The statistics in the Congressional study were given to the committee by state entities charged with investigating reports of elderly abuse. Another defense the nursing homes like to use is that they receive insufficient state and federal Medicare funding. If your loved one is in a nursing facility and you suspicion any form of elderly abuse please call the Strong Law Firm today. We are happy to listen to the facts of your situation and give advice on what you need to do next. According to Falls Church, Virginia nursing home negligence attorney, Michael Strong, it is important that your loved one gets the care and attention they deserve. This treatment should never be tolerated in our law firm is not afraid to go after nursing homes and force them to change their evil practices.

For more information give us a call or utilize our contact page. We have decades of experience helping people receive monetary compensation for their injuries. We will take your case to trial if the nursing home is not willing to settle and change the way they do business. We understand the emotional grief in turmoil you are in and we will be there to comfort you and advocate your loved one’s needs.