How to Get an Expungement of DUI Arrest in Virginia

Will My DUI be in the Newspaper?

If you have been arrested for a DUI offense in Fairfax County, Falls Church City, Arlington County or Alexandria City, your DUI will most likely be published in a local newspaper serving those markets.

DUI Arrests Are Reported in Local Newspapers

Do not worry as newspapers are becoming increasingly irrelevant. If you’re worried an employer may find out about your DUI they would have to either read the newspaper closely or search court records publicly available online.

DUI Convictions Are Public Records Available Online

If you have been charged with a DUI your greatest fear is not whether people will find out that you have been charged with a DUI but rather if you are convicted of a DUI. Having your DUI in the newspaper is not as big of a deal if your DUI is ultimately thrown out of court. Hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney can help you work out the consequences of a DUI charge. This is no time to go it alone. If you’re been charged with a DUI and it is your first offense we may be able to make a big difference in the outcome of your case. You do not want to risk jail time, heavy fines, and mandatory ignition interlock systems if you don’t have to.

DUI Arrests That Result in a Nol Pross or Dismissal of Charges Can Be Expunged.

We may not be able to make a DUI conviction go away altogether but you can get an expungement of a DUI arrest that does not result in conviction, and instead leads to a dismissal of charges by Nol Prosequi motion. To file for an expungement, contact our office to file the necessary motion with the Court. If your case resulted in a conviction of a lesser included offense, such as reckless driving, that conviction would not be qualified for expungement, nor would your DUI arrest that resulted in a conviction for a lesser included offense.

You do not want to risk the possibility of losing your driver’s license. If this is a second offense within ten years, that fact will also likely be printed in the newspaper. You do not want to go to jail if it can be avoided. Your best solution is to hire a qualified Traffic Defense Attorney as soon as you are arrested, and get help to negotiate a plea agreement, or preparing the defend your case at a trial. Every DUI case is unique and an experienced DUI attorney will better be able to look at the facts of your situation and decide what is the best route to take for the best result.

For more information about your DUI, contact the Strong Law Firm today. Do not fear losing your job or facing other harsh consequences just yet. If this is your first DUI we may be able to work out a positive outcome that can prevent unnecessary consequences. Having your DUI in the newspaper may seem like an embarrassing spectacle of a silly mistake but do not spend too much time dwelling on what has already happened. Instead, you may have a valid reason as to why you were pulled over and subsequently charged with your DUI. Remember, there are circumstances where police officers do not follow proper procedure during a DUI stop. If this happens in your case it will most likely be thrown out on a technicality. The only way you can truly examine every possible technicality is by contacting an experienced DUI defense attorney.

Remember, a DUI charge and conviction can result in you losing your license for a year. If this is your second or third offense you will most likely incur jail time, if convicted, as well as loss of license for a minimum of three years or longer. In Virginia, your blood alcohol content raises a presumption that you were driving under the influence of alcohol if your breath test result exceeded .08% alcohol by volume. Sometimes, the police may arrest you for DUI even if your breath test shows less than a .08% result.

If you believe your chemical or breathalyzer test was flawed or if you have a handicap that does not allow you to properly register during a testing, please mention this to your attorney. Contact the Strong Law Firm today, so we can begin your representation as early as possible, to obtain the evidence needed to properly defend this charge.