Getting an Alcohol License in Virginia

What better way is there to grow your restaurant, bar, or catering business than to allow your guests, patrons, and clients to come to your establishment and enjoy an alcoholic beverage? Most business owners and restauranteurs would agree that there is none! But before you can set up the taps and get the liquor flowing in your Virginian establishment, you’re going to need getting an alcohol license in Virginia and possibly jump through some legal hoops.

It is not in the government’s interest – or really anyone’s – to have people randomly serving alcohol to others for a profit. Not only could this lead to some serious legal troubles but it would also take a chunk out of bar businesses across the state. To successfully obtain your Virginia alcohol license, you are going to need to know a few things:

  1. What kind of business are you? The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) allows people the opportunity to request a license out of three basic categories: industry, retail, or banquet.
  2. What sort of alcohol is allowed? The license that you are filing for will not necessarily allow you to serve just any kind of alcohol. You could be limited to only offering beer and wine, or spirits and mixed drinks. It depends on what you need and what you include in your application.
  3. What are your business hours? Believe it or not, your hours of operation can affect the details of your license, especially in places that consider themselves a “dry county.”
  4. What is your personal history? If you have a criminal record, ABC is allowed to review it and use it as a reason to deny your alcohol license.
  5. What are your training requirements? You may need to complete courses that outline responsible ways to serve alcohol. Oftentimes, these courses come at a cost to you.

Everything is Better with Company

If you want to open a bar, you already know that sharing an experience is always greater than experiencing it alone. To that end, be sure that you team up with a skilled litigator before applying for your license in case you run into any roadblocks. At The Strong Law Firm, our Falls Church business attorneys can help you from start to finish and in all matters concerning getting an alcohol license – from renewals to modifications to even defense against alleged violations. Call (703) 204-2040 today to request a consultation with our team.