Gun Death at Quantico Marine Base Highlights the Need for More Gun Control and Safety Measures

We were horrified to learn the sad news this morning from Quantico Marine Base, in Northern Virginia, where a marine shot and killed two of his fellow service members late Thursday night. The marine then took his own life. The incident happened at the Enlisted Barracks of the Marine Corps Base in Quantico. The victims were a man and a woman. Motive to the killing is still part of an ongoing investigation. The military police as well as Pentagon officials are actively working on what led to the incident. The military base is no longer under lock down.

Our thoughts are with the families of this tragedy. Yet another incident involving gun violence shows that even well trained personnel can misuse a weapon, and that stricter gun control is an important governmental function. Would every incident like this be stopped? No, but many would. Lessening the dangers of accidents on the road is a similar issue, which no law can prevent entirely, but reducing the harm and making our world safer is a legitimate concern and is worthy of our efforts to fashion a fair, yet safe, method of gun control. Just remember, there is very little inconvenience to a gun owner in performing a background check, and he or she can carry on with purchasing a gun with little interference. The ability to reduce the number of criminals and emotionally disturbed people from gaining access to a gun is a small price to pay by doing a background check at every gun sale.