Hazardous Road Motorcycle Accident

Were you involved in a hazardous road motorcycle accident? You may be able to recover compensation if you were injured due to a pothole or other road hazard.

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Can I file a motorcycle accident claim if I’m injured by a pothole or hazardous road?


Occasionally, I’m asked by people who were involved in a motorcycle accident on Virginia roads whether they can make a claim against the Commonwealth of Virginia, for example, for a poorly-maintained roadway. Those are some of the most difficult cases to make, but they are, in certain limited circumstances, acknowledged as valid claims under Virginia law. To make that claim, you have to make a proper timely notice within six months of the accident date to the Commonwealth.Hazardous Road Motorcycle AccidentThere are a variety of other very difficult engineering analyses that have to be made of the layout of the road to determine whether it was foreseeable to the Commonwealth that an injury is likely to occur from the condition of that road, and secondly, to establish notice of the fact that there was a problem with the road at that location. In those limited circumstances, you may have a claim of that sort after an accident on Virginia highways.

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