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No two injuries will ever be the same. Even in cases where the actual physical malady is nearly identical, such as two people with broken wrists, the overall damage caused will vary from person to person for a number of detailed reasons. To know what your personal injury settlement is actually worth, you need to team up with a knowledgeable and experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer.

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At The Strong Law Firm, we have been delivering reliable and trustworthy legal counsel to accident victims for more than three decades. We fully understand that your case is as unique as you, and we will keep that at the forefront of everything we do as we handle your case and determine its true value. Why wait? You can fill out an online case evaluation form now and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What Influences the Value of My Personal Injury Settlement?

Generally, there are only a few factors that actually influence the value of a personal injury settlement. In particular, insurance adjusters want to know the obvious, upfront damage of your accident, illness, or incident, and how much it would cost to quickly remedy it. What is required at the beginning is not what will be required in the end. Our firm understands this truth and will analyze your claim in-depth to ensure that you are getting what you deserve.

Aspects that can further influence the value of your injury case include:

  • Lingering harm: An injury will clearly cause immediate harm but that is unlikely to be the full extent of it. Pain and complications can last for weeks, months, or years after the initial injury has healed, often requiring rehabilitation. The more likely your injury is to last, the more compensation you should pursue.
  • Diminished employment: Working a full-time job in comfort can become extremely difficult after suffering a serious injury. The end result could mean using up sick days and missing pay to failing to achieve a promotion only because of your unfair debilitation. The value of your case could increase depending on the new hardships you face at work.
  • Emotional trauma: Particularly violent accidents can cause harm to your emotions and overall wellbeing. It can make day-to-day life difficult and take pleasure out of tasks you once enjoyed, especially if they required physical activity. Using nominal damages, you may be able to achieve greater compensation in your case if you consider mental harm.

What Can Devalue My Personal Injury Settlement?

Not everything that can influence the value of your personal injury case will do so positively. There are certain aspects that will ultimately devalue your case, or strip away its power in court.

To maintain the value of your case, you will want to avoid:

  • Accepting blame: The more liable you are found to be for your accident, the less compensation you are bound to recover. Never explicitly state that you are responsible for your own injuries.
  • Publicizing your recovery: While your personal injury case is still up in the air, you should keep your life as private as you can, especially on social media. There are plenty of examples of people posting images of themselves relaxing or enjoying a sport with friends, only to have the opposition use it as an example of their fast recovery, or even the falsification of their injuries.
  • Talking to the other party: Just as in criminal cases, everything you say in your personal injury case can be used against you. The opposing party will probably send either their lawyer or their insurance company after you for questioning, hoping to find a hole in your case that lowers its overall value. Do not speak to them without legal representation of your own present or counselling you.

We Do Not Get Paid If You Do Not Win

There is one final matter that can affect the value of your injury claim: how much the entire legal process costs. Imagine a situation where you pay a lawyer a flat-fee and they fail to get you any compensation. In addition to your medical bills and expenses falling on your shoulders, you now owe them plenty. We have pioneered methods for payment of your medical bills without recourse to you if your case does not result in a financial recovery, and ways to finance litigation expenses such as expert witness fees and court costs.

At The Strong Law Firm, our Virginia personal injury attorney works for you on a contingency fee basis, which means if you do not win a recovery, we do not receive a legal fee for your case.

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