Injury Treatment Diagram

Injured in Virginia? Listen as experienced Virginia injury lawyer Michael Strong discusses an injury treatment diagram and what’s important to know.

We use illustrative exhibits to help a jury understand what happened to our clients in an accident. We make a diagram of what the injury was and how the doctor fixed it. In one particular case, we had an injury to a back seat passenger in an automobile, and his injury broke through both of the lower bones, which is the tibia and the fibula, and as a result of that, the doctor had to operate and put a steel screw down the center of the tibia to set the fracture.Injury Treatment DiagramIt’s so clear by looking at the diagram that you hardly even need the doctor to explain the procedure, but of course we have to have his testimony live at trial. Nonetheless, these illustrative exhibits can add a substantial value to the case by showing the jury just how complex and difficult the procedure was to fix this fracture.

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