Insurance Companies and Bus Accidents

Were you injured on a bus and the insurance company want’s to speak with you? Watch this video to learn about insurance companies and bus accidents.

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Should I speak with the insurance company after a bus accident?


Recently, I was contacted by a client who had a claim against a bus company asking if it was okay for that person to respond to an insurance adjuster’s call asking for a recorded statement. In that case, I told my client, and I tell everybody that I meet with about bus accident cases, that really there is no requirement that you submit to a recorded statement with any insurance adjuster involved in a bus accident investigation.Insurance Companies and Bus Accidents Secondly, there’s usually a good reason why the insurance adjuster is contacting you and that is to try to reduce the value of your case or somehow find information that suggests that you were not taking proper care of yourself in the circumstances of the collision. For that reason, they can deny your claim outright. Virginia is one of only four states in the entire country that still adopts what is often referred to as contributory negligence law. That’s simply a law that says you can recover $0 for an injury claim if you’re at all at fault in causing the crash or in any other way not taking reasonable care for your own recovery. For those reasons, it’s very important not to submit to a recorded statement from the bus company, because their sole purpose in doing that is to try to eliminate your claim.

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