Insurance Companies and Truck Accidents

Injured in a trucking accident and the insurance company is calling? Watch this video to learn about insurance companies and truck accidents and how to protect your rights.

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Should I speak to the insurance company after a truck accident?


I’m often asked by people who come to see me following a commercial trucking accident whether it’s okay to speak with the insurance company or a legal representative of the trucking company. My first inclination is to tell people not to talk to the insurance companies until you hire your own attorney. You need to be carefully advised on how to respond to questions after a commercial trucking accident.Insurance Companies and Truck AccidentsThere’s no rush for you to provide information to the trucking company after your commercial trucking crash in Virginia. You can wait until after your injuries are resolved; hopefully sooner rather than later. The more serious the injuries, the less need there is for you to provide your own statement to the commercial trucking company representatives and allow your attorney to make a presentation of what your injuries have been.

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