Lingering Consequences of Bicycle Accidents

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), there were close to 750 bicycle accidents in the state per year for the last five years, with a high in 2012 at 804 and a low in 2010 at 641. Around 150 of those accidents each year occur within Arlington or Fairfax; that’s roughly 20% of all bicycle accidents in the state happening in just two areas, a number that is disproportionately high by any measure. Thanks to advancements in bicycle safety gear and the dedication of emergency response teams only about 1% of bicycle accidents in the state lead to fatalities. But that does not mean that the victims’ troubles are not monumental.

The life of someone who has been struck by a vehicle while riding their bicycle changes after their accident. Even years after recovery, there are sure to be unexpected and unnerving consequences. What makes this truth worse is that no one seems to talk about it. Once someone is out of the hospital and “on the way to recovery,” people tend to forget about the incident. Perhaps this is why so many bicycle accidents still occur each year – the reality of the harm they cause is clouded and cast aside.

Dealing with the Unforeseen Consequences of a Bicycle Accident

Many survivors of devastating bicycle accidents report feeling nervous whenever they need to cross the street or share a lane with a vehicle. Whenever they see the same make and model of the car that hit them, it is difficult not to relive the moment and feel an impending sense of dread. Just enjoying afternoons spent cycling in their free time can feel like it is no longer a safe activity. The emotional scars are often dramatic and largely ignored or unseen by the rest of the world.

Physical injuries can be permanent as well. Concussions, broken legs and arms, and serious damage to the spine will require extensive and painful rehabilitation; sometimes internal injuries, including fractures, are not even detected right away by hospital staff. If the emergency room is crowded when a bicycle accident victim is brought in, they could be left to wait for hours, or are sent home after inadequate treatment.

Rehabilitation and recovery can take a long, long time, filled with pain and dangerously addictive pain medications. Days can seem like years as time not spent in bed trying to recuperate is instead spent completing doctor visits, medical tests, and more necessary projects. No one ever mentions how long the recovery process actually takes, and it can feel like a blindside hit to many people.

A Hopeful Resolution

All of this trouble points to one thing: the need for truly compassionate legal support. A personal injury lawyer who can take your case without adding pressure onto you, and while reassuring you that matters will be handled correctly the first time, can seem like a knight in shining armor. It is also important to find an attorney who knows the true value of your injury and is willing to fight for full compensation. This is not just the dollar amount on your initial bills, but also what is necessary for rehabilitation. But it does not stop there. If you are feeling the negative emotional effects that linger after a bicycle accident, you deserve compensation for that trauma as well.

At The Strong Law Firm, our Northern Virginia bicycle accident attorney has been providing powerful and caring legal advocacy for the wrongfully injured for more than 35 years. Our team has become well-known in Fairfax, Arlington, and even Washington, D.C. for the way we treat our clients and stand up for the safety of our community. Please call (703) 204-2040 and request a consultation if you have been hurt by a negligent driver and now need someone to help you prepare for the difficult time ahead. With our help, we believe you can get through this with flying colors.