Mechanism of Injury

Were you injured in Virginia and have questions about the mechanism of injury or MOI? Experienced Virginia injury lawyer explains what you should know.

At the Strong Law Firm, we’ve developed a set of novel presentations that we use to help a jury understand what we call “the mechanism of injury,” which, in very simple words, is a way of showing, in picture format, how the person was involved in a crash and what kind of injuries they sustained. The first thing we want to show, in a very simple method, is that a stool collapsed because it did not have a ring that held the rungs of the stool legs together.Mechanism of InjuryAs you can see in this simple display, the gentleman using the stool was putting his normal weight on it and it simply collapsed under him, and it caused him to fall and break his right elbow. This type of visual display can be very effective in helping a jury understand how the accident occurred and why the person ended up with a fracture to their elbow.

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