Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident

Watch this video to learn about the mistakes to avoid after a truck accident to ensure your rights are protected, and you maximize your recovery.

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What mistakes should I avoid after a truck accident?


Recently, I was asked by one of my clients what some of the most common mistakes that people make in pursuing an accident claim against a commercial trucking company are in Virginia. The most common accident mistakes that we see is when people do not retain counsel early, don’t get proper medical attention, and don’t thoroughly investigating the accident scene after the crash. In each of those cases, the common thread is not having legal counsel to give you good advice in your recovery process.Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck AccidentIt’s always important to have your own legal consultant to help you whether it be to retain field investigators, to identify black box information, get tire measurements on the street, or other gouge marks from the collision that could aid in showing how the crash occurred. Secondly, it’s important to get legal counsel because commercial trucking accidents usually involve far more severe injuries because of the forces of impact being so much greater between a huge commercial truck and a small private automobile. In those types of severe injury cases, you need legal counsel to help you find the medical care you require that will aid in your recovery.

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