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What should I do after a serious motorcycle accident?


I’m often asked by motorcycle riders what they should do after being involved in a motorcycle crash in Virginia. Being on a motorcycle in Virginia carries certain inherent risks, and unfortunately, the public usually has a dim view of motorcycle drivers in Virginia. However, it’s been our experience that motorcycle drivers are some of the safest vehicle operators on the highway today. That being said, it’s extremely important in every motorcycle collision that you retain legal counsel as quickly as possible after your crash. The reason is because preserving evidence of the scene and the vehicles involved in the crash can make all the difference in the world.Motorcycle Accident InjuryA good example of that was a recent case that we had involving a motorcycle operator who was struck by a vehicle that was crossing several lanes of traffic on the Dulles toll road trying to get to the exit that they had almost missed. By carefully preserving the evidence at the scene of the crash, including the tire marks and the scraping of the motorcycle on the ground, as well as lining up the damage between the motorcycle and the vehicle that struck it, we were able to prove that this was not a turnaround case, which the vehicle operator had claimed. Instead, it was a case where the vehicle operator made a too-quick movement from lane to lane without looking behind them to see the motorcycle operator who had been following in the further left lane for a distance of over a mile prior to the collision. That’s a perfect example of why it’s important to hire an attorney early in your motorcycle accident case in Virginia.

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