Motorcycle Accident Insurance Investigation

If you’re injured riding a motorcycle, there will likely be a motorcycle accident insurance investigation. Watch this video to learn what’s important to know.

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Should I speak to the insurance company after a motorcycle accident?


When I’m asked by clients if it’s okay to take a call from an insurance adjuster when they’ve had a motorcycle collision in Virginia, I always tell them, “Don’t do it.” We’re not trying to hide anything from anybody when we represent people who were injured in motorcycle accident cases in Virginia.Motorcycle Accident Insurance InvestigationInsurance companies have proven techniques that they will use that are unknown to most people on how to trick people in saying things that can be misconstrued later, taken out of context, even down to the simple “Well, how are you today, Mr. Jones?” “Oh, I’m fine,” is the normal answer. Well, of course you’re not fine in the sense of the car crash injuries that you’ve sustained, but as a polite introductory statement, you’ll say that. That’s a perfect example of how they will use your recorded statement out of context to try to minimize or defeat your personal injury claim from a motorcycle accident in Virginia.

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