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If you were injured in a multiple vehicle collision, contact experienced Virginia car accident lawyer Michael Strong to fight for your full recovery.

Multiple Vehicle CollisionWhile any car accident can be a shocking experience, large-scale collisions involving multiple vehicles have the potential to be particularly deadly. A single accident at high speeds can create a chain reaction and cause numerous secondary crashes, causing mass devastation and serious injuries to those that are involved. To make matters worse, the uncertainty associated with determining liability for a multiple-car pileup oftentimes prompts insurance adjusters to offer injured accident victims as little compensation as possible. If you have been injured in a multiple vehicle collision, a hard-hitting Virginia car accident lawyer from The Strong Law Firm can negotiate with your insurance company and advocate for maximum compensation on your behalf.

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Causes of a Multiple Vehicle Collision

According to estimates by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly one-third of all yearly car accidents involve multiple vehicles. These collisions can be caused by a number of different factors, though some sort of driver negligence is oftentimes to blame.

Multiple vehicle collisions can result from the following:

Crashes of this nature are often more deadly than simple two-car collisions for several reasons. The more vehicles that are involved, the more likely it is that a person can be hit several times from multiple angles, causing broken glass, twisted metal, and leaking gasoline to create additional hazards and trap people within their vehicles. Those who are able to get out of their vehicles do so in a dazed state, exposing themselves to the risk of being hit by oncoming traffic. If enough vehicles are involved, a large-scale accidents can block roadways and make it difficult for emergency responders to quickly reach those who are injured.

How is Liability Determined?

Establishing who is liable in the event of a multiple vehicle collision can be a complicated process. It can be difficult for insurance companies to reconstruct the cause of an accident amidst the massive carnage, causing them to scour the scene for nearly any reason to limit the amount of compensation they will have to pay out. Since Virginia is has a “contributory negligence” rule, anyone who is found to be at least a tiny bit at fault for a crash will be barred from seeking compensation from another at-fault party. Insurance adjusters know this and will likely search for a reason to place blame on as many involved drivers as possible.

If you were injured in a multiple-car accident, you will only be able to recover compensation for damages such as medical expenses, damaged property, lost wages, and pain and suffering if it can be proven that your collision was 100 percent caused by the other involved parties. Our firm’s attorneys can examine the circumstances surrounding your accident and craft a case aimed at absolving you from liability. If you are looking to file a claim, it is imperative you contact our office quickly to adhere to certain legal deadlines and begin building your case.

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