Muscle Tear Injury

Did you or a loved one suffer a muscle tear injury? Listen to this exhibit by an experienced Virginia injury lawyer to learn how to protect your rights.

In this exhibit, we use this with a doctor’s testimony to explain how small tears, or what the doctor will call a microhemorrhage, occurs in muscles when there’s a back or neck strain in a patient. This information cannot be seen on any clinical films, whether it be x-rays, CT scans, or even MRIs.Muscle Tear InjuryThese tears and microhemorrhages will occur in most back injuries and account for why there’s such pain, even though things like the vertebral discs did not show evidence of nerve root compression or involvement into the spinal canal itself. Nonetheless, there are injuries both to muscle tissue and nerves that caused the injury, which results in the symptom of a low back or a neck pain in a patient.

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