Neck Strain Injury

Did you or a loved one suffer a neck strain injury? Listen to this exhibit by an experienced Virginia injury lawyer to learn more about neck strain injuries.

In the exhibit we’re looking at now, we present this to the jury to explain what we call the mechanism of injury or how it is that a neck strain occurs as a result of a traffic collision. In a traffic collision, you have frontal impact or rear-end impact to a vehicle and it knocks the person’s head forward and then backward as a result of the collision.Neck Strain Injury
Here, we use this exhibit to have a doctor explain why the injury of a sore neck occurs as a result of that rear-end collision or head-on collision. It also goes into great detail of showing how there’s an excessive stress of muscle tissues and nerve tissues between the fibers of the spine that cause the pain that patients often have after this type of an accident.

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