How to Negotiate a Commercial Lease Yourself

If you have reached the negotiation phase of a commercial lease you are serious about starting, moving, or expanding your business. Careful consideration as to what the right commercial lease terms are depends on many factors including the type of business you have, where you are located, and the overall profitability of your business model. When negotiating a lease many provisions can be advantageous to your success. Failure to properly create a document that is in your best interest could ultimately reflect on the viability of your business. At the strong Law Firm we have helped hundreds of business clients in various capacities regarding leases and contractual negotiations. If we can help your business grow, please contact us today. Among the many benefits of hiring an experienced business attorney:

  1. You have an advocate in your corner. Nothing is more important to the success of your business than being able to speak with an experienced attorney on how to best approach a commercial lease or contractual agreement. Doing so, affords you a sense of security in knowing you are making a sound business decision. Many new or existing businesses fail because of poor negotiation of contractual agreements. A few hundred dollars of preliminary negotiation could save you thousands in litigation costs, should a problem arise.
  2. Having Assistance in Formulation Business Protection. If you are new to entrepreneurship, you may not be familiar with all the business protections available under the law. Limiting your liability, creating subscriber corporate stock options, and avoiding personal guarantees of business loans are a few examples of areas you will want to consider before opening your doors. Failure to properly organize your business initially could expose you to unnecessary risk and losses later.
  3. Get results faster. Working in business formation/litigation matters, we have exposure to extensive business networks. This is beneficial to new business owners who may need assistance with startup costs, developing lease agreements, or putting together a business plan. Hiring the Strong Law Firm can help you streamline your business ideas into a sound, timely plan of action.

The heart of the American economy is small business. Surprisingly, many small businesses fail. What are the common denominators of these failures? Not spending enough time initially planning and negotiating commercial contracts and commercial lease agreements. You can try and negotiate a lease agreement on your own but remember that you may be better off leaving this type of highly specialized negotiation to an experienced attorney who can carefully craft an agreement to encompass your needs, while giving you all applicable protections available under the law. For more information regarding business formation, visit our article library.