Pedestrian Accident Case Value

Were you injured as a pedestrian and have questions about how pedestrian accident case value is determined? Watch this video to learn more.

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How do I determine how much my pedestrian accident case is worth?


When I’m asked by client what the value of their pedestrian auto collision case is worth in Virginia, I tell them quite honestly that those cases, although they’re difficult to prove in the manner of how the crash occurred, usually carry higher value, simply because the injuries are often much worse. We’ll determine the value of your pedestrian injury claim, in large part, by how bad the conduct was of the car that hit you. We’ve had cases where people have been killed as a result of a collision. Obviously, that’s a huge value case.Pedestrian Accident Case ValueWhen pedestrians are struck and fractures are caused to bones in their body, those are very severe cases, and the value, accordingly, is far higher. When you have less severe injuries, for example a muscle strain or a pulled ligament, that can readily heal itself with time, those have less value than the more severe injuries we just described. The severity of the injury determines what the value of your case is, but more important than all of that is how bad the conduct of the driver that hit you was. If we can establish through careful investigation of the scene of the collision that that person violated an important safety rule and endangered the community, that can add up value in your case substantially.

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