Pedestrian Accident Claims

Were you injured while crossing the street? Watch this video to learn about pedestrian accident claims and how to protect your rights if you’re injured.

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What Can I Do If I Was Hit By a Car as a Pedestrian?


I’m often asked by clients who’ve been involved in an accident where they were a pedestrian, “What are the differences between handling that type of case and a normal car collision case?” The first thing to note about the differences is to establish where the person was at the time of the crash.Pedestrian Accident ClaimsIf you were in an intersection, you have an automatic right of way over the vehicle, but if you’re not in the intersection, it doesn’t mean automatically that you have no case. It simply means that both parties – the vehicle and the pedestrian – have a reciprocal duty to act reasonably and keep a proper lookout. If you’re not in an intersection, you may still have a case, but you just need to establish where you were in the crossing activity and if there enough time for the vehicle driver to have seen you before the crash in order to recover in that type of case.

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