Personal Injury Claims in Virginia

Personal Injury Claims in VirginiaIf you have been injured in an accident and are seeking compensation from the negligent party, you will need to understand the ins and outs of personal injury claims in Virginia. Reading this article will give you some important background knowledge, but it is also recommended that you schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney to go over the facts of your case. Contact The Strong Law Firm to arrange a free case review.

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Personal Injury Claims in Virginia | Laws and Statutes

Fairfax County, like the rest of Virginia, has a regulatory framework for personal injury claims. These personal injury cases usually have two-year statute of limitations for injury claims with adult claimants. Claims for small children can use a different set of rules and regulations that need to be researched by a competent Virginia personal injury lawyer. A statute of limitations of two years means that a claim for a personal injury needs to be filed within two years of the actual injury to the claimant. In additions, some insurance companies may challenge a personal injury claim, and the insurance matter may need to be brought before a county judge to decide a disputed claim.

Personal Injury Claims in Virginia | How Our Lawyers Can Help

A qualified personal injury attorney can help a claimant overcome obstacles as disputed insurance matters. A Virginia personal injury lawyer can help injured parties reach the most favorable legal settlement possible. There are certain time limitations for cases to be decided, and various types of personal injury matters that may need to be managed. Depending on the type of personal injury case, there are negligence rules that could affect the outcome of a claim as well.

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