Personal Injury Settlement Offers

Personal Injury Settlement OffersIt is never wise to accept any personal injury settlement offers without first seeking the advice of an experienced attorney. At The Strong Law Firm, our experienced Virginia injury lawyers will guide you every step of the way and make sure you receive the full compensation you deserve. In this article, our experienced attorney discusses accepting personal injury settlement offers.

Personal Injury Settlement Offers | Case Value

People often ask me, “Is it okay to accept a settlement offer at the first offer step?” Normally, insurance companies are sophisticated enough to know that if they offer a quick payment for a low sum, that it’s far more likely an injured person will accept that offer without understanding the consequences. For example, when you take that offer, that is the only money you get from the case, regardless of what happens to your injury or your recovery process after that date.

More importantly, the offer is usually extraordinarily low. It probably only covers your medical expense and a few hundred dollars for what they call compensation for other things. They don’t go into the details of all the days that you suffered with headaches, back pain, or neck pain as a result of the accident, or explain to you what the value of those components might be, because they’re harder to value than the actual dollar amount of your bills or lost wages. Don’t take the first offer. It’s far better for you to retain an attorney and thoroughly evaluate your case, because it may be worth much more than what any insurance company is willing to offer you within a week or two after the accident.

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Personal Injury Settlement Offers | Hiring a Lawyer

Even if your case seems open-and-shut to you, navigating the complicate field of personal injury without proper legal advice is a serious mistake. A Virginia personal injury lawyer will work hard to assist you in reaching the most favorable legal settlement possible for your claim. If you choose our personal injury attorney to aid you in your recovery, you can count on a team of skilled legal professionals working by your side to advocate on your behalf all through the process.

We will safeguard your rights and protect you from making any mistakes that might decrease your chances of receiving a favorable outcome. We will negotiate with the party responsible for your injury to try and broker an agreement that guarantees you what you are owed; however, our trial attorneys also stand ready to represent you in the courtroom if that is the avenue that offers you the best chance of a favorable and just recovery. Call a Virginia personal injury lawyer today for a free consultation.

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