Secrets to Getting More Compensation for Soft Tissue Injuries

Want to know how our clients get more compensation from a soft tissue injury?

Before we can let you in on this secret, we should tell you that The Strong Law Firm has handled thousands of injury claims, and hundreds of lawsuits where every attorney’s job on the other side was to diminish the seriousness of our client’s injuries – especially where muscle soreness, pulled tendons, bruises, and abrasions were the only injuries suffered from a car crash. Our law firm’s 36 years of trial experience has helped discover a huge secret most attorneys don’t even know.

You see, the secret is that the case should not and is not about the injury, its about the maximum potential harm caused by the other driver’s misconduct. or negligence.

So that is our secret. Focus on what the defendant did wrong to cause the crash, and the jury will give the injured party a fair award, and will often award more than if all the lawyer talks about during the trial is how sore the injured person felt, and what their medical expenses added up to.

Driving a car requires a license, which you cannot get until you display a knowledge of traffic laws, and an awareness or maturity level of an adult regarding the harms that can come from inattentive driving. Being an adult means thinking about your actions to avoid hurting others. Negligence is the opposite of that. Negligence is not caring enough to think or look ahead, anticipating that small children are at play in that neighborhood, or elderly folks use that crosswalk to get exercise, and cant move as fast or get out of the way as quickly. When jurors see that drivers don’t care about others, they will take action to prevent negligent driving that endangers our entire community.

Some of the most common injuries suffered in car accidents and slip and falls are soft tissue injuries. These include damage of muscles, ligaments, and tendons throughout the body that can result from a sprain, strain, or muscle tear. Soft tissue injuries also include “whiplash” of the neck and upper spine and less serious structural damage to joints such as the shoulders, knees, elbows, wrists, and hands.

Despite being extremely painful and life-disrupting, these types of injuries can sometimes be difficult to prove in a personal injury claim, because the immediate reaction of most folks is that the injury was not permanent, and not totally disabling. In many cases, insurance adjusters have been known to discount or minimize or even deny compensation for soft tissue injuries, by arguing that a plaintiff is exaggerating their injuries. To help ensure this does not happen to you, our team of Falls Church personal injury lawyers have put together some tips on how to properly document your soft tissue injuries and improve your financial award for those injuries.

  1. Seek medical help immediately: As soon as possible after suffering an injury in an accident, seek medical treatment. This will not only prevent your STI from getting worse, but it will also provide you with necessary documentation to prove that your injuries were indeed a direct result of your accident. Your medical records and itemized bills will show exactly when you were treated, who treated you, the extent of your injuries, and how much you should be owed as compensation.
  2. Document your pain: Keep a journal that details the level and frequency of pain that is caused by your STI, as well as any difficulties that your STI has caused you to endure. Likewise, keep a record of any follow-up visits to a doctor and any days that your STI causes you to miss work.
  3. Draft a strong demand letter: In most car accident cases, a demand letter is usually used to negotiate a settlement prior to pursuing litigation. Your demand letter will need to be strong, detailed, and well-written in order to minimize your insurance company’s chances of disputing your claim.

While these tips can be beneficial to your claim, consulting with an attorney is by far the best way to maximize your potential recovery for an STI. At The Strong Law Firm, our highly-trained Falls Church personal injury lawyer for more than 35 years of experience protecting the rights of injured clients and can provide the steadfast legal guidance you need.

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