Recoverable Damages in a Car Accident

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What type of compensation is available for a car accident case?


Usually, the first question people want to know when they come to see me about a Virginia car crash case is, what are the different things that I can recover for in this case? Of course, we always start with the medical issues. We focus on the cost of medical care and the cost of future treatments or disabilities that may arise because of the injury that you had in this crash. The other things that you can recover for are wage loss, loss of earning capacity, which simply means what your future earning capabilities are or how they’re restricted because of the injuries that you’ve had.Recoverable Damages in a Car AccidentOther types of injuries that you can recover for would be scarring or permanent disabilities, which would mean limitation or loss of use of part of your body because of the car crash injuries. The other things that you can recover for in Virginia are pain and suffering and inconveniences of life for things that you’re no longer able to do, whether they be recreational activities, family activities, or charitable work that you might have done that you no longer can do because of your injuries. In each of those cases, you can make claims for those inconveniences or problems that you will have to suffer as a result of your Virginia car crash case.

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