School Bus Injury Claims

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Can I file a claim if my child was injured on a school bus?


If your child has been involved in a school bus accident in Virginia, you may have a question as to whether you have a right to seek recovery for injuries to your child from that collision. In Virginia, it is possible to sue a bus operator for injuries from a student because in most cases, there’s a separate contract with the busing company and it’s not operated by the school system itself. Some jurisdictions in Virginia, however, are operated by county systems or are operated by the actual county itself.School Bus Injury ClaimsIn those cases, it’s more difficult to establish a claim against the county for those types of injuries. Certainly, there are special notice requirements that are involved in those cases as well. In some instances, you may be barred from pursuing a claim against the county because of the doctrine of governmental immunity. In those cases, it’s extremely important that you seek counsel quickly to determine what your rights are under the applicable law and given the bus system that was involved in the crash.

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