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Were you severely injured from a truck wreck? Don’t wait; start your truck accident claim before it’s too late! Call our Virginia attorney for a free review.

Truck Accident Injury Claim

Start Your Truck Accident Claim Before It’s Too LateI’m often asked by clients what the differences are between a commercial trucking accident case in Virginia and a regular car crash case in Virginia. There can be a lot of differences because number one, surprising to most people, the average juror in Virginia assumes that commercial truck drivers are decent people and consummate professionals. As a result, they tend to get the benefit of the doubt as to who was at fault in causing the crash. The only way to rebut that assumption is to provide detailed evidence of exactly how the crash occurred. In those cases, it’s very important to preserve the evidence as quickly as possible of the debris and the measurements of skid marks at the crash scene in a Virginia commercial truck accident case.

Insurance Companies and Truck Accidents

I’m often asked by people who come to see me following a commercial trucking accident whether it’s okay to speak with the insurance company or a legal representative of the trucking company. My first inclination is to tell people not to talk to the insurance companies until you hire your own attorney. You need to be carefully advised on how to respond to questions after a commercial trucking accident. There’s no rush for you to provide information to the trucking company after your commercial trucking crash in Virginia. You can wait until after your injuries are resolved; hopefully sooner rather than later. The more serious the injuries, the less need there is for you to provide your own statement to the commercial trucking company representatives and allow your attorney to make a presentation of what your injuries have been.

Truck Accident Settlement Offers

Not long ago, I was approached by a client in a commercial trucking accident case in Virginia where an initial offer had been made for settlement of the case some two weeks after the crash occurred. In that case, I told my client, “It’s a really big mistake to accept an offer this early in your case.” The primary reason for that can often be that injuries have not been fully resolved or even diagnosed as of that short time after a crash. The second concern is not knowing at that stage who was actually at fault and what the evidence will show. The third important thing to remember is that the recovery process of getting better from the injuries that you had in that kind of crash involving a commercial truck have not had time to completely resolve. For all of those reasons, accepting an early settlement is usually a mistake in a Virginia commercial trucking accident case. Instead, it’s better to wait and see how your injuries have resolved before accepting any offers in that type of case.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a wreck and have questions about truck accidents? Don’t wait; start your truck accident claim before it’s too late! Contact a Virginia truck accident lawyer at The Strong Law Firm today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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