Steps in a Bus Accident Claim

Injured on a bus? You may be able to recover compensation. Watch this video to learn about the steps in a bus accident claim to best protect your rights.

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What are the steps in filing a bus accident claim?


People often ask me, “What are the main steps to follow in pursuing a bus accident injury claim in Virginia?” These types of claims are often made against government entities. Therefore, one of the first steps that are required is to put the government entity that operates the bus system on notice of your claim in writing. That writing has to have special components to it that state the time, exact location, as well as the parties involved in the accident in Virginia.Steps in a Bus Accident ClaimIn addition, the other steps that are typically involved are preserving the electronic evidence that may be available from the bus itself as to how the accident occurred. Because buses, just like any other vehicle in Virginia, you have to prove negligence in order to recover from the bus company. Other steps that are required are following through with the medical care, documenting the medical history of recovery from this injury, and making a proper demand and filing suit within the two-year statute of limitations. All of those steps are required in almost every bus accident case, particularly if you have more serious injuries.

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