Three Motorcycle Safety Tips

Three Motorcycle Safety TipsMotorcycle accidents can happen for any number of reasons, and they occur when you least expect them. These three motorcycle safety tips will help you avoid a serious injury when driving on Virginia’s roadways. If you have any questions, please contact The Strong Law Firm today.

Three Motorcycle Safety Tips | Watch Out for Distracted Drivers

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Virginia is by drivers who are distracted or simply fail to see the motorcycle. This can happen for a number of reasons. The motorcyclist could unknowingly be in the driver’s blind spot. They may not properly check their mirrors. Many drivers state that they didn’t see or notice the motorcycle. Sometimes, passenger vehicle drivers may believe that they don’t have to share the road. The most common places this happens include parking lots and left-hand turning lanes.

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Three Motorcycle Safety Tips | Watch Out for Hazardous Roads

Ever fall off a skateboard when you were younger because you ran over a twig or tiny pebble? The same thing can happen with motorcycles, but the results are no laughing matter. Loose gravel, a large pothole, or leaves in the road all have the potential to cause a motorcycle accident. In regard to the latter, you need to watch out for homeowners who have raked or blown their leaves close to the road. Similar to hydroplaning, the tires of your motorcycle could slip if there is a large pile of leaves in the road.

Three Motorcycle Safety Tips | Always Wear the Proper Equipment

In Virginia, you are required to wear a protective helmet when riding a motorcycle. This also includes face shields or protective goggles. Furthermore, you should always wear a leather jacket. This can decrease the risk of road rash if you do end up in a crash.

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