Truck Accident Injury Claim

Injured in a trucking accident? You may be able to recover compensation. Watch this video to learn what’s important to know when filing a truck accident injury claim.

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Are truck accident claims the same as a car accident?


I’m often asked by clients what the differences are between a commercial trucking accident case in Virginia and a regular car crash case in Virginia. There can be a lot of differences because number one, surprising to most people, the average juror in Virginia assumes that commercial truck drivers are decent people and consummate professionals.Truck Accident Injury ClaimAs a result, they tend to get the benefit of the doubt as to who was at fault in causing the crash. The only way to rebut that assumption is to provide detailed evidence of exactly how the crash occurred. In those cases, it’s very important to preserve the evidence as quickly as possible of the debris and the measurements of skid marks at the crash scene in a Virginia commercial truck accident case.

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