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If you have suffered amputation of a limby, you may be entitled to serious compensation for your injury. Contact Virginia Amputation Attorney Michael Strong today for guidance you can trust.

Virginia Amputation AttorneyDuring particularly violent accidents, one of the resulting consequences may be the loss of the control of a limb, or total amputation. When someone suffers such a devastating injury, it is considered catastrophic. This is due to the fact that it will negatively affect them in some way for the rest of their lives. With this said, as an experienced amputation attorney knows, victims of amputation accidents often require exceedingly greater amounts of compensation to recover or cope with their injuries in comparison to most other injury claims.

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If you want to be sure that you are maximizing your chances of receiving the most compensation possible after your amputation or loss of limb incident, you will want to work with a team as reputable as The Strong Law Firm. For more than 35 years, we have been a staple in our communities as the go-to law firm with a respected Virginia amputation attorney at the helm. Don’t worry about having to pay us just to talk to us – all initial consultations are entirely free!

Accidents That May Result in Amputation

The loss of a limb may be an uncommon occurrence when all types of injuries are considered. However, the events that can cause amputation or the loss of motor control of a limb are not entirely rare.

Forms of accidents that could result in amputation include:

  • Car accidents (T-Bone collisions)
  • Construction accidents
  • Falls from great heights
  • Crushing injuries (industrial equipment)

In many incidents of loss of limb control, spinal cord damage or brain damage has also occurred. It is critical that anyone who has suffered in an accident and is experiencing trouble moving their arm or leg to receive proper medical attention to prevent the harm from spreading or worsening. It is also imperative that immediate emergency attention be brought to someone who has suffered an amputation, or the injury could prove to be fatal.

Compensation to Seek After an Amputation Injury

The outcome of a serious accident is certain to be catastrophic, especially when it results in an amputation injury. Initial compensation offers from insurance companies or the liable party will most likely only consider the present damages. You should not sign any settlement agreement without first consulting with your attorney. He can ensure that they are offering you a sum that will pay for everything you will need in the coming years.

Compensation you receive should help provide monies for:

  • Emergency treatment and hospital stay
  • Ongoing care or medical prescriptions
  • Wages you missed while recovering
  • Reduced earning potential as a result of your limb loss

Many survivors of amputation injuries report that they experience traumatization from the violence of the act. They can also feel as if their entire standard of living has significantly decreased. You should pursue recoveries, known as nominal damages, to help you cope with these consequences.

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